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Julia Gabriel Speech and Drama

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I heard about a parent A.K. who sent his children to Julia Gabriel, which costs $1500. Honestly, I think it is VERY EXPENSIVE!

What People Say About Julia Gabriel:
“My family went on vacation in Europe recently for two weeks. Siyang had a healthy curiosity on the new sights and sounds encountered, enjoying thoroughly our trip through Bavaria, Austria and northern Italy. In Vienna, she was particularly interested in the Museum of Art History with its extensive Egyptian collection, asking many questions on the exhibits of mummies, sarcophagus, sculptures and paintings. In Venice, she naturally took a great interest in the gondolas. In particular she made sketches of gondolas especially one exhibited in the Doge’s Palace. She also took three gondola ferry rides after overcoming an initial fear of riding in a rocking boat.

Siyang’s classes have added tremendously to her curiosity, ability to express herself and creativity.

Thank you!”
— Dr Su Guaning, parent of student in Senior Teacher Bill Ledbetter’s EduDrama class


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January 3, 2010 at 2:14 pm

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