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Made in China (book)
Zhidong Wang 王志東 – founder of
Jasmine Shuxin Zhang – InfoHighway (P.S. I think it’s no longer around)
Chuanzhi Liu 柳传志 – Lenovo

Chuanzhi Liu
born April 29, 1944
Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1966–1968, researcher
state-owned rice farm, 1968–1970, laborer
Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1970–1984, engineer-administrator
1984–2004, Legend Group Holdings Company, chairman
1984–, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Computer Technology Research Institute, director
2004–, Lenovo Group, chairman

The beauty of the Legend Chinese-character card: it combined both hardware and software, hence conserving scarce memory and preventing privacy common to software-only solution.

From the Sunday Courier – Jun 23, 1996 (she was 33 years old) and Eugene Register-Guard – Jun 23, 1996. Thanks to Google News.
Shuxin Zhang’s path to success has been neither smooth nor straight.
Her father, a scientist -> persecuted during Cultural Revolution.
Studied in a village with no electricity.
Shuxin studied chemistry at University of Science and Technology.
Worked as a reporter for China Science Daily.
To learn about the economy and business climate, she worked as a researcher in the high-tech enterprise bureau of the Chinese Academy of Science. Her job was to analyze applications for World Bank loans.
Sold ideas: marketing products, making companies’ images, promote cultural events.
With her spouse: started a pager company. In 2 years, earned $2 millions.


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