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Shopping wish list

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Highly desired:
# sleeping mattress

# Cambodia, Philipine, or Laos, anyone?
# Visit Liechtenstein and get a passport stamp. From Liechtenstein, can visit Feldkirch in Austria or Lake Constance (I have been to Lake Constance!).

I am happy if you give me as a gift:
# Lolita-alike costume

# light umbrella (made of aluminium), so my shoulder will not be painful to carry along on whole day.
# black ladies bag (can carry using both shoulders), instead of 1-shoulder ladies bag.

Thought about it last time, but I change my mind (i.e. I don’t want them anymore):
# creative ear-in earphone which block out noises! (After testing Zhuai’s one, I think it does not really block noise)


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December 24, 2009 at 3:06 pm

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