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Rest in Peace my grandma (1916-2009)

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This is the first time I am buying an air ticket to travel on the date (2009-12-15) I bought it.

It was rainy when I flied back to my childhood town, yet I saw a calm and purple-pink sunset before landing. It’s probably God’s way of assuring me that my grandma’s life – though encountering poverty, wars, and riots – have a happy ending in the end. Rest in Peace my grandma (1916-2009).

My grandma used to teach me how to save on toothpaste. She told me to go overseas to look for a safer and better life, to take care of my family. A hardworking woman, she still climbed to repair roof in her 70s. She loves flowers, especially orchids, that’s why there are two paper gardens to be burnt for her at the wake last night. She used to love arranging family photos, before her eyesight deteriorated. She likes tiger balm, that’s my last gift to her in this Oct.

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December 16, 2009 at 2:22 am

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