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Photoshop tips

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Where to get frames for use?

To make curtain in photoshop:
select filter – render – fibers , set the variance to 16 and the strength to 4 then click ok.
now go back to the menu bar select filter- blur – motion blur , set the angle to 90 to get the realistic look of a curtain and then set the distance to 120 pixels.

If photoshop is too time- and energy-consuming, we can try: (note: the website is down as in Dec 2009 ) (note: not good! I tried to upload but cannot)
Below are not tested yet:

# January 1st-2nd, 2009
P (for Pen) – Pen Option: Rubber Band.
Must close the work path, then make selection.

Filter Shape Blur is very useful to remove harsh shadow on face (Blueroselady’s experience).

Understanding light:
Photography means the writing of light, think photo = light and graph = writing.
The larger the light source is in relation to the subject, the softer the quality of light. That means that the closer the subject gets to the light source, the softer the quality of the light on the subject.

Bright sunlight is a harsh light.
In cloudy sunny day, the cloud spread the sunlight (bigger light source), so the quality of light becomes softer. The light quantity is also reduced due to coverage and spreading by clouds.

As our photographic subject moves closer to the light source, the light becomes brigther (quantity) while becomes softer (quality).

How to photography women?
Even if we don’t put make up daily, it is necessary to wear make up when being photographed. If you don’t believe me, ask professionals!
This goes for men too!
Use soft brushes to apply a light amount of powder to reduce shininess caused by oily skin.
It’s not good to see texture on women skin (this means wrinkles, lines, and pores). Remember most women skin is not like baby skin!


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