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Credit card

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Credit card, aka plastic, is useful especially when we are run out of cash, on the road, or make a large amount of purchase.

Yet, it carries its risk:
# High interest rates (when we forget or have no $ to pay)
# High membership fee

I was so shocked tonight when I got a $180 bill for one of my card, and fortunately I am allowed to cancel it. Now, I only keep one card. I prefers Visa to Master or Amex (sorry guys, but visa seems to do better). It is handy when I travel overseas, but I must remember to use my current card at least 3x per month.

Please put a reminder to pay our credit card bill on time monthly to avoid unnecessary charges.

Sometimes less is more, I even consider of using Visa on debit card. Just in case I could not access internet banking to make bill payment, who knows?


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December 9, 2009 at 4:14 pm

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