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Rashes again

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So far, my only solution is applying wet powder to my skin to stop the itchiness.

I had severe rashes in summer 2008.
Terms: Rashes / uticaria / hives.
4 tubes of blood were extracted by doctor for examination: white blood count, inflammation, kidney liver check, bacterial infection at throat
I also took a steroid immunosuppressant drug.
Allantoin powder helps.

I am looking for the list of medicines that I took in summer 2008. Where is it?

I wrote this below on July 28, 2008:

The conception that antibodies, which should protect against disease, are also responsible for disease, sounds at first absurd. Clemens von Pirquet (1906)

Now my protectors have decided to go against me. Consequently, I got to go A. Hospital (it’s the 2nd time within these 2 months), got to take sedative sleeping anti-H in the midst of exam and dues.

It is thought that my another Godparent, immunosuppressors such as Il-10 and TGF-\beta do not fully develop or are lost as living standards advance. Genetically predisposed souls like me develop TH2-responses to normally-harmless environmental allergens, or perhaps from strawberries …oh berry. Beautiful sweet little things can be dangerous.


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