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Shoyu Ramen

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After unsucceeded finding a cosmetic, went to eat Shoyu Ramen at Ramen Santouka, Clarke Quay. It’s quite fun to eat hot ramen gazing at the Christmas blue lightings by the river, with the occasional boat decorated with red lanterns passing by, plus jazzy music. It seems that festive season has come and I still have to work.

The counter girl, Ms. Liu from China, told me that she remembered me. Polar Bear and I came last time, and she remembered where we were seated. What a good memory. She must be very smart, but because of lack of education, she can only work as a waitress now. Sometimes, I feel stupid, now what I know everyday is a very detail thing on the project I am working, but only the details, I even get confused on the overall things going on. What actually happen?

Though the ramen was tasty at first slurp, it is quite expensive in my humble opinion. Then, I forgot to draw a straight line on the tips that Polar Bear taught me to.

I want to eat simple fish soup tomorrow, need to eat more healthy food. It’s ok to be slow and stupid, as long as we are grateful to God, God will give our daily bread and blessings.

P.S. A guy with sleeveless black shirt gave up seat for me on train, but I was so full, better to let it for other who need the seat more than me. There is still kindness around us!


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November 30, 2009 at 3:08 pm

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