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Book: Time Management

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By Marc Mancini

Rocks, gravels, sands, water
If we don’t put the big rocks in first, we’ll never get them all in. p57.

Make at least 3 personal and 3 professional long-term goals.

Leave me alone! certain responsibilities require solitdue. p60.

Find a ‘secret’ place to work.
The times when others aren’t in the office and callers don’t expect you to be there, can be the most productive.

The 50% rule
Whenever we schedule a meeting, add 50% to the time we schedule.

Variety is the key. Avoid doing any 1 thing for longer than 90 mins. p67.

How to delegate effectively ?
Delegating suceeds only if we assign responsibility to the right person.
Delegation can be downward, SIDEWAYS / LATERAL, OUTSOURCING.

Sometimes someone above us assigns us a responsibility that shouldnt be ours; or someone delegates so incompletely. Yes, try to delegate the job backs.
seek “guidance”
Express our enthusiasm about the project, but say that we feell we don’t yet fully grasp the goals / procedures.

Good communicators (p75):
# Eye contact
# Treat other with respect
# Listen as carefully as we speak
# Organize our thoughts before we speak
# Avoid jargons / technical terms
# Don’t assume
# Encourage questions
# Ask for feedback
# AVOID SPEAKING when they are angry

Everyone is concerned with – the What’s in it for me? (WIIFM) – so explain the benefits.
Don’t sell the features, sell the benefits.
When we delegate, always SET DEADLINES.
Written report is better, can share with others.

Learning to say NO
Cancel subscription to publications we rarely get around to reading.
Telemarketers know that it’s hard to say no, they prey on our politeness.

A different way:
We don’t have to do EVERYTHING everyone wants us to do.
We also don’t have to do everything THE WAY everyone wants us to do it.

How to say NO
# Give a reason
# Be diplomatic
# Suggest a trade-off e.g. say that we are willing to find some other way to contribute
# Don’t postpone our decision

How not to take no for an answer
# Persistence

Never schedule a meeting because it’s customary.

Chapter 8 (p93)
The Art of anticipating
# Make a hard / soft copy of every doc we write / sign + backup (blueroselady’ additional tips)
# reconfirm appoinmnts made some time ago
# keep a pad + pencil beside our phones
# keep maps in our cars
# keep service manuals for home appliances in a-quick-to-find place
# emergency plans .e.g homes hit by a power outage / disaster
# take reading materials to e.g. doc, dentist

Accept responsibility, assume things ALWAYS take longer than expected, and act accordingly.

Handling over a project to a client / boss EARLY -> will impress them.

Give false times and deadlines to people, but don’t tell them what we are doing.

How to make our letters, memos, e-mails more clearly:
# Avoid passive voice
# Replace negatives with POSITIVES
# Edit long sentences into SHORTER units
# Be specific e.g. meeting time, date
# Organize our writing via dashes, numbers, bullet points, bold print, underlines, italics, punctuations

Handling phone call:
“So what can I do for you?” If the call moves aimlessly / too long.
“Sorry, but I have to be at a meeting in five minutes. Let’s try to wrap this up.”

Don’t become overly reliant on technology

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