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We all want ourselves / our girlfriends to look like a Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese-alike meinu/chiobu.

Below are my makeup steps learnt from various sources:
By compressing eyes with ice cubes / cold water, we are refreshing ourselves.
Wear contact lenses with iris lining to look innocent.
Eyes are the windows to the soul. I spend most time here. White till nearby our eyebrow. Darker color (but not till near the eyebrow).
Hair-dryer to heat the eyelashes curler, check with our fingers that it is not too hot.
Use eye pencil to draw line 1st, then eyeliner. Whiten the end of eyes nearby our nose.
Apply white / pearl eye shadow in the middle of nose until the tip of the nose, followed by coffee-color at the side, so it appears darker.
Attach fake eyelashes, cut into 1/2 for the bottom part.
Lip: lipgloss to give the feeling of ‘want to bite a kiss’.

In a nutshell:
compress eyes with ice cubes / cold water.
contact lens (colors / greater iris lining).
Eyes (eye shadows + fake eyelashes + sti)
Nose: pearl / white in the middle. coffee at the side.

We can use toothpaste applied overnight on skin to ease our pimples!

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November 21, 2009 at 2:04 am

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