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Masdar Institute of Science and Technology

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Where? Abu Dhabi

Why work at Masdar? 1 year immersion at MIT in Boston, as part of 4-year contract. No tenure system.

Why study at Masdar? Qualified students from around the world are offered a full tuition scholarship, stipend, travel reimbursement, laptop, textbooks, and accommodation once accepted to any of Masdar Institute’s programs.

Got $ ? $15 billion in seed money by the crown prince.
Funding? private, not gov / state.

Many former MIT post-docs move to to Masdar as faculties. Yes, these days it is getting harder and longer to get a faculty position, even in the land of opportunities: US. One post-doc is insufficient. Sometimes, it is a forever-post-doc career. Supply is more than availability.

Focus? sustainable tech, engineering, IT

Students? grad students only.

Fun to live at?
A new Masdar city, so no history.
“photovoltaic panels-shaded streets, recycling of waste water, and new personal transport systems instead of cars”. How are people going to work? Still not clear.


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November 20, 2009 at 3:45 pm

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