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Earn $ from our camera

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I saw more and more ppl carrying SLRs, and I still have no a real SLR even if some of my work has been used by education and tourism website. Darling, I want an SLR for my birthday or Christmas gift, or perhaps my graduation gift. Working hard for my graduation.

Why need to earn $ ?
pay for our next trip, hire studio, buy new lens, etc

retail (from sports heroes to cute cuddly animals) – from pic lib, so join pic lib!
corporate (as a marketing tool)
Approach specialist calendar companies -> 1st ask their guidelines.
can produce our own calendar, but expensive.

high competition
The Postcard Company

put a selection of 20 images together on a CD or DVD + a good quality A4 contact sheet.

maximize our chance by entering; look at prev year’s winners.
Shoot something specifically; don’t compromise by relying on stock image.

Stock libraries:
Alamy, Getty, Corbis.
Tony Pleavin
Travel Library
Shutterstock, istockphoto (waiting for my review to be approved).
Must research for 1) requirements 2) compare our work to what is already online.
Stock only makes up ~ 10% of many pros’ turnover.
Frequent and high quality submissions is the only way to make regular sales.

Shooting weddings:
Turn up on time
bring a backup for everything
have a shoot list in our pocket
Weddings are all about how we relate to people.
Inspirations from wedding websites.
Small details e.g. discarded shoes, hats, and flowers.
Detail in bride’s dress.

Event photography:
biz dinner dances
school / college summer / graduation balls
promotional days
sportng events
Have lots of happy faces

Shooting portraits:
Always keep things simple.
use window light and reflectors (e.g. my umbrella).
Children have a short attention span.
Always get our safety shots 1st.
Use fashion magazines for ideas.
Give children a small toy to hold.
Hands, feet, arms, legs will be our biggest concern in framing, esp children.
Use pockets, seats, get ppl to rest on shoulders in gp shots.

Bureau of freelance photograhers:
must pay member fee.

great for the ego
less friendly on the pocket
can lead to future work
local gallery, lib, community centre, consider local cafes, pubs, restaurants.
landscapes, fine art, abstracts are better sellers.
Have business cards available / postcards with our contact details including a website if we have one.

Tell a story. If it has human element that ppl can identify with, the story is stornger. That’s why in disaster, newspapers tell the story of Mr. A and Mrs. B; rather that the fact e.g. num of casualties.
Somebody visited the Carribean and said “many of the ppl he met had little except each other, but seemed to be the most relaxed, lovely, and happy people ever”.
Simplicity: use 2 pairs of feet (1 big, 1 small – e.g. baby feet) as a symbol of family, love, and a meaing of life.

Below are learnt from istockphoto.

Expression / drama :
“coax an expression that allows the child’s spirit to shine through”
Consider “the emotional impact of a shot”.
Model must not have uncomfortable / awkward message.
Use warmer lighting.
Bring out the model personality.

by using depth of field.
I like this penny stock photo, with can be marketized with keywords / categories: investing, business growth, savings; MOTION: stocks on the rise, making a profit.

My HK-based photography master taught me that light is very important. Through learning light for photography, I appreciate the world better ūüôā ÁĀĮŚÖČŚĺąťá捶Ā
Use photoshop to clean up shadow.
How to get more light? set up softbox, use reflector.

Be an engineer-alike:
Use a little scotch tape to stand the penny vertically.

Be an accountant-alike:
# Pay attention to details. a small error causes a failure: No distracting background.
# If you upload an isolated image on a white background you need to make sure that the background is white. Grayish, beige, pinkish backgrounds just don’t cut it.
# Yes, we can remove background using photoshop, but it took me A LOT OF TIME. Why don’t we get it right while shooting then?
If desperate for ps, use pen tool (not magic wand) -> zoom at least 200% into image (for more detail, see

“The stock image is the right balance between adding too much and being oversimplistic.”

In a nutshell:

Must have expressions, drama.
Use white background, white floor, everything white.
Must think through much of the photo.

“Stock photography is VERY DIFFERENT from photo journalism”, blueroselady.

Composition (be like a painter):
“Get in close. No, closer. Nope, still closer. There! You’ve got it!”
Ask ourself what it is about this specific subject/object that is crying out to have its picture taken.
It’s ok to crop if we have a focus on our images.


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November 19, 2009 at 4:44 pm

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