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Distinctive breakfast styles

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I adapt and eat locally.

In Seoul: Rice (brown rice), various kimchi (lotus root is my fav), teriyaki beef, soup (kimchi, tofu). Full of energy!
In Cambridge: dessert (tiramisu), banana, milk, Haagen Daz ice cream on bread (sometimes just the ice cream), yoghurts, cereals, pancakes + strawberries / blueberries + maple syrups (so Canadian), flavored tea + milk, 3 in 1 coffee.
In La Jolla: rice with dishes from last night, buns, ‘To go’ from dining at restaurants (which I could not finish), UCSD waffle with peanut butter and strawberry + French Vanila (my fav), green tea mochi ice cream, green tea.
In Singapore: Nasi lemak, $2 prawn noodle (near my 1st room rent at C).
In Beijing: Baozi, sweetless soya milk (my fav).

How will my breakfast in Tokyo be? I like Japanese food.
Next destination?

I love Thai food too (perhaps too spicy for breakfast), Indonesian ayam penyet + pecel lele, Indian Gobi, Beijing jiaozi, Italian pasta, Mediterranean grilled halumi, Vietnamese soups + fresh veggies, Swedish beef balls, and many more.

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November 6, 2009 at 5:23 am

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