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Santa Fe Institute. New England Complex Systems Institute.

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From the article “Reaching out to complexity” by Bruce C. Gibb
Analogy for doing research, is like giving a blind chimpanzee the components of a disassembled aeroplane and asking him to fly.
So if we’re not individually smart enough to conquer complexity, we need to think in terms of teamwork.
Doing sciences is a bit like fashion, you think you’re ‘there’ now, but when you look back at those photographs you just have to laugh.
Santa Fe Institute. New England Complex Systems Institute.

Topics of Santa Fe Institute (cool research!)
Physics of Complex Systems
Emergence, Innovation and Robustness in Evolutionary Systems
Information Processing & Computation in Complex Systems
Dynamics & Quantitative Studies of Human Behavior
Emergence, Organization & Dynamics of Living Systems


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October 11, 2009 at 11:41 am

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