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Fly to a highly-densed city via Beijing

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Thank God they allowed my luggages, it’s all due to my notes. I am usually a good traveller.

A man asked me to help his not-speaking-English father and a 5-year old girl to pass through the immigration, buy a bottle of water, and bring them to departure gate. I was a bit scared as Mama always advised me to be careful, drug smugglers tend to use the innocent ones. In the end, nothing happens, and I still bring the little girl to ladies and hug her up so that she can wash hands. Heathrow staff loves her, with two dangling braids, round face, and a red sweater. A China doll!

Beijing is still in the 60th anniversary mood. I wonder how I will be when I am 60, a successful granny or … ? I dare not to complete the sentence.

As a result of carrying luggage, blue-blacks all over my knees.

Nowadays ads are extensively photoshoped, e.g. Sunsilk ads @ Harbour Front MRT station while I was Q-ing to exchange EZ-link card.

Sending my HP for repair. Suspect mother board failure. Fan – full of dust – notebook cooler may helps. Laptop components life span: 2-3 years. 1 Gb of RAM is not enough for vista. In Oct 2009, 2GB RAM costs $40-50 or $140 if buy at HP.

The morning MRT is very crowded. If we are not kiasu, no train. Orchard has changed a lot. Very humid and sticky, I miss England weather.

Received a mass-email from my department head. Your blogger has just recently (in the summer) attended a talk given by one of the 2009 Nobel Laureates.

Written by blueroselady

October 7, 2009 at 3:36 pm

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