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Always be prepared, safety comes 1st

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Today, Sep 22nd 2009, the firework at my department sent me a chill. Instead of the normal tone, ” A fire has been reported, please be prepared to evacuate the building”, the alarm immediately said “Please evacuate the building now”.

Sometimes I wonder how one can work in my department, there have been a number of times the fire alarm is activated. I should always carry my laptop close to me.

I quickly grabbed my laptop and notes running out of the building. Perhaps, in future we should prepare a bag containing important things to be bring in the event of emergency. My mother told me that when her neighbourhood was on fire, she calmly packed some clothes – too bad all her young age photos were burnt. Recently, she obtained a copy of her school photo from a friend and saved it carefully.

I backed-up my birth certs, identity cards, passports, academic qualifications / certificates, etc by scanning them too.

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September 22, 2009 at 1:27 pm

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