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Library: a favorite place

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I like to visit library, for studying or just simply browsing her collections. Though not always, it offers peaceful atmosphere. I love to read travel books, photography articles, and sometimes novel by particular authors, such as Paulo Coelho and Wei Hui.

Talking about travel books, I came across this “Europe on a shoestring” by Lonely Planet. I was amazed on how much ignorant I am. Below I share some of tips that I feel we should know before embarking on a Europe journey, or at least practice common sense, even if it is a familiar neighborhood. Currently, I live in a very safe country (relative to many others). I am going to fly to Europe and stay there for at least for few months, so while I am preparing, I would like to share with you!

* Phoney cop. If someone flashes a badge, offer to accompany them to the nearest police station
* Street hawker sometimes attempt to force you to purchase their goods, by placing them in your hands / throwing at you. Simply put the object down, but be careful when u bend, and simply walk off
* Lock your train compartment, lock your bag to luggage racks. Never sleep alone in a train compartment.
* Remove the browser history after i-banking at an internet cafe.
* Always cover when key-in ATM pin number. Ensure that no unusual devices on the ATM machines.


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