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Improving our body language

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No matter how senior or successful we are, we can project an image of being bored, aloof and unfriendly if we send out the wrong signals.

Signals are easily misinterpreted:
# Indirect gaze, not maintaining eye contact may suggest we are being evasive.
# Ear pulling may indicate doubt.
# Slumping shoulders may show lack of confidence.
# Turning our body away may imply rejection of what the other person is saying.

However, it is easy to project a positive, friendly image if we are aware of our body language and use it appropriately:
# MOVE FORWARD: to make friendly contact, physically move towards the other person.
# LEAN FORWARD: when talking to someone, leaning forward indicated you are interested; leaning backwards suggests you do not care and are not interested.
# HAVE AN OPEN STANCE. If your arms & legs are crossed, the other person may think that you are defensive, protective, and unwilling to listen – possibly even scared!
# MAKE & MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT. Focus on the other person’s eyes. This is one of the main keys to successful communication!
# BE RESPONSIVE. When the other person speaks, respond by NODDING, raising your eyebrows, and showing reaction. These responses indicate that you are listening and will encourage further conversation.
# SMILE. This is surprisingly important and indicates friendly intention.

First impressions are especially important. Think about your body language – smile & make eye contact.


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September 1, 2009 at 5:12 pm

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