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Cheap date idea: photo shoot

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Date Description
If your relationship is going well, take a day to go out and capture the excitement you feel about each other right at this moment. The early days are terrific and you can’t help but throw off an aura of happiness that will come through crystal clear in photos. And while you’re at it, be original about the idea. Don’t just take your date to the beach and snap a bunch of shots, have fun taking photos in a way that will be meaningful and memorable.

As far as the actual photography goes, express your creative side. Take photos from interesting angles, some from up high, some down low, others with extreme close-ups, or shots where you’re not facing even the camera. For examples of good photography, go to a site like Corbis and search for pictures of couples. Also, pay attention to your surroundings. A common mistake is to set up a great shot and later find out you were standing near a garbage can or some other unpleasant element. You’ll need to have a tripod for the camera, or you may want to bring along another couple, a friend, or even hire a photographer. Many times you can contact your local college or community college’s photography teacher and get a student to photograph you for cheap, or even put an ad on craigslist. A good photography student or photographer may also be able suggest interesting shots and angles.

Here are some ways to make an ordinary afternoon of snapping pictures into a creative way to have fun taking photos:

Scavenger Hunt
Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt and the prize for this one is a collection of great photos with your date! Start by writing down a list of just about any object or place you can think of that might be fun to use in a picture. For example:

* Swingset
* Red convertible
* Pier
* Dog (not your own)
* Piece of art
* Phone booth
* Open field
* Canoe
* Water (ocean, lake, pool, river)
* Slurpee
* Top of a building
# paddy field wearing cone hat
# Chinatown

You get the idea. Now, out of this list, figure out the best 10-15 or even write them on pieces of paper and choose them randomly out of a hat. Then go have fun trying to find the objects and taking pictures when you do!

Describe your Date
This idea is about using locations or objects to describe how you feel about each other. For example, if you think he’s sweet, take him over to the local candy or ice cream shop for a scoop and a photo. You could even hold up a piece of paper or cardboard in the photo that reads “He’s Sweet!”. Start by each writing down all of your date’s positive qualities and then work together to think of fun places to take pictures. Some ideas are:

* Smart: bookstore, library
* Athletic: ballgame or sporting event
* Kind: play with the animals at a pet store
* Cute: toy store
* Sexy: lingerie shop

You can also come up with theme poses for the photos like kissing at each spot, hugging, piggyback, or whatever else you can think of.

Around Town
Sit down with your date and brainstorm a bunch of interesting local spots that might be nice for photos. Think interesting architecture, old buildings or factories, churches, cemeteries, playgrounds, and outdoor areas like the beach, woods, open meadows, and such. Instead of making a list, you can also just drive around listening to music and talking and stop whenever you see a great spot or an idea hits you.

When you’re finished, pull the shots up on your computer and pick out the best ones. Play around and see if some of the photos maybe look better in black and white. When done, you can print them out and create a small photo album describing each of the shots you took that day.


1. You got to have a narciss partner.
2. You got to have the photographic eyes to see the right shots.

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August 31, 2009 at 3:20 am

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