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Darling and I will meet again this year at the romantic Balkan in autumn.

According to local tradition, a husband who can carry his newly married bride the 99 steps up from the dock into the church will be ensured a happy marriage, and ringing the bell in the church will fulfill one of your wishes. Darling, I am a kind one, so my request is only that you hold my hand while we ascend there. You have to eat more, friends have been saying that you lost weigh and my heart aches hearing that.

Have you ever stood at the top of a hill overlooking the valley below and wondered what would be like to fly as a bird? I want to try paragliding. 3Glav Adventures: near the main shopping complex in Bled, friendly and very cheap. One of the cheapest places in Europe for paragliding. At La Jolla, I could only bite my fingers, watching people paragliding, I could not remember how much it is, but is more than $150 I think. Too expensive for my humble pocket.

3Glav pricing as of July 2009. For avrg. time in the air is 20-30 minutes. ALL EQUIPMENT, PILOT AND TRANSFERS INCLUDED PARAGLIDING 2-3 hours* 85 EUR. Dear, we must read the technical notes, at least know what the basic things going on, even if a professional paraglider will fly us, agree?

Alternatively, Darling and I can try ballooning.

Watching the skydiving video, the pilots look more like backjumpers than skydivers. I learnt at the Ontario Science Center, every backjumper know one of theirs who lost live on backjumping. KIV, my heart is not ready for this.

Skydive Coastal California: “$69 videos for all students with valid ID. Our Monday Tandem Price of $189 is the best on the market and with a video for only $69 you will have a great experience for a great price.”

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Slovenia is an Alpine-mountain state in central Europe consisting mainly of Roman Catholic Slovenes.
It means Darling and I should not have a problem finding a church for mass.

In 1918 Slovenia joined the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes—subsequently named Yugoslavia. Slovenia proclaimed its independence in June 1991, prompting a ten-day conflict that brought defeat to the Serb-dominated Yugoslav Army. It is the most prosperous of the former Yugoslav republics, with the region’s highest standard of living. Its Western outlook and economic stability won Slovenia membership in both NATO and the EU in 2004.

Slovenian population: 1,998,000

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From Lonely Planet:

Every town in Slovenia has a general store where, locals like to say, you can buy anything od šivanke do lokomoti (literally ‘from a needle to a train engine’). Similarly, Slovenija (Slovenia) itself, though undeniably small, has a wealth of attractions to rival a country many times its size. Resting between the Alps and the Adriatic and poised above – but not a part of – the Balkan peninsula, Slovenia has been blessed with incredible natural beauty and has welded a great number of outside influences – from Roman and Venetian to Germanic and Hungarian – onto its Slavic core. The result is a physical and cultural alloy that is wholly distinctive and distinctly precious.

Slovenia has been dubbed many things – ‘Europe in Miniature’, ‘The Sunny Side of the Alps’, ‘The Green Piece of Europe’ – and they’re all true. The place abounds in top-notch things to see – the stunning Julian Alps, the beautiful but busy Lake Bled and the more relaxed Lake Bohinj, the karst caves of Postojna and its lovely sliver of the Adriatic around Piran. Then throw in historic towns like Ptuj and cities like Ljubjana, both with unforgettable architecture, museums and a unique energy all of their own.

I feel sLOVEnia!

Additional preparations
Thank you.
Good bye.
You are very kind.

Na svidenje.
Vi ste zelo prijazni.

Žao mi je.
Vi ste vrlo ljubazni.


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August 25, 2009 at 10:47 pm

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