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Del Mar, California

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Out of boredom, I went to take bus 101 to Del Mar beach. It was my first time putting a bike on to the bus rack, the driver was shaking his head. Not knowing which bus stop to get down, I was lucky to get down at the 15th street junction, it was just a short walk to a park and beach. No sunset. Saw a wedding party by the beach. When will I be able to dress up again? I don’t mind if it is just to attend a party or just to make Darling happy. Waited more than 1/2 hr for the bus, just to be left by the bus driver, because the bike racks (only 2) were full. Decided to cycle back home, more than 1 hour, including walking up very steep slope. Today is not my day, but God has safely protected me to reach home safely. I kept on praying along the way, I have no helmet and bike light, and cars drive very fast. Fortunately, US roads are much wider than England’s one. I called my roommate to check which one I should take Genessee or North Torrey Pine (the bus route). Along the way, saw Scripps Hospital and Research Institute (why are there so many cars at the car park in a Sat evening?), the Old Bridge of Del Mar (I cycled over it too). At a traffic light corssing in del Mar, Iranian old men talked to me. They thought I am a high school student. Another nothing-to-do cyclist said “I love you” when bypassing a waiting-me.

At home, I almost burnt our apartment’s kitchen. I put oil at the pan, yet forget to switch the knob from the high, and went to talk to my roommate. Thank goodness I remember what my mother thought me, to immediately wash the pan with running tap water. I was stunned a bit for 1 or 2 seconds (what a slow reaction! sorry, not trained for this) and desperately calling my housemate, help! help! The feeling of enjoying my dinner was so good, had been very hungry and tired.

Darling, I think I will not be cooking that much in future, no talent and passion. I will just be a pretty girl who accompany you to dinner.


Written by blueroselady

August 2, 2009 at 6:09 am

Posted in food, God, photogprahy, travel

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