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San Diego Old Town

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At mass, the priest mentioned that we must learn how to give and how to have hopes. People are not only physically hungry, but also spiritually and sexually hungry. I also learn a definition on Eucharist: peace of Christ is feeding us.

I felt like being carried by a giant dove, with her white feathers, across the church hall.

After mass, I took the 1hr20min/way bus 30 to Old Town. Thanks to UCSD pass, the bus ride is free. On the journey, I saw a man holding a board “disabled marine veteran” at La Jolla Village area. This bus ride experience reminds me on my UBC journey to the Vancouver downtown, the bus ride is so long.

Beautiful houses (with lux cars) and world-class institutes (e.g. Scripps Institute of Oceanography) along La Jolla Shores.

I thought that we need to get out of our comfort zones, to truly appreciate what we have had. I found that I miss England more because I watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at La Jolla, instead in Cambridge. The village wooden houses, the underground platform, the formal dining hall, the academic gown, the cloudy moody weather: are so England.

Near the Camino de la Costa, two liu mang got up the bus, they talked so loud and smelled bad. But God said we must love everyone, and I realize how tough it is to be poor. Not only being hungry, but also smelly.

I love San Diego Old Town, with the colorful Mexican clothings, including notebooks with Frida Kahlo’s images. La Casa de Estudillo reminded me on Chinese courtyard housing, just that the two are of different detail (roof, pillar) decorations and furniture.

I had a happy moment, enjoying my Old Town Ice Cream (pistachio & strawberry cheesecake) while listening to the peaceful Andez music ( Similar in genre, one of my favorite songs is El Condor al Pasa, by Simon and Garfunkel.

The Mexicans working in SD are very happy, when we greet or speak them in their lengua de materna.

The old man who helped at the mass at Immaculate Church was very kind. He called me back after I have left, and he opened the door to the choir floor, so that I could take photos of the church interior.

My roommate bought a telescope for the beach, and I started to imagine seeing stars while being feathered by the Pacific wind.

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July 27, 2009 at 7:14 am

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