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Programming nightmare

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I have been stuck for the whole day today.

Wondering if some people, like me, are simply having no aptitude for programming.

Below are my googling returns.


The truth is that people with no aptitude whatsoever for programming *do* manage to fake their way through the system (often they can describe perfectly how something should be done, without actually understanding what they just said).

I am not a programmer (Of course, I have written some, but it is not my profession) but I consider the “off-by-one” error as very serious. Sure it is an easily corrected bug, but it is also trivial to detect, just walk through a string of length 1 and see it you get 0, 1, or 2. Not doing it means that you are not interested in consistency checking.

In my actual profession (teaching math), one of the biggest differences between the best students and the rest was the willingness of the former to actually look at their answers and see if they made sense. Sometimes checking is easy and sometimes hard, but at least in the easy case, it is unforgivable not to check. And I’ll bet that a person who doesn’t, can’t be bothered, doesn’t understand the concept, whatever, will never make a good programmer. I suppose it can be taught, but the best do it automatically. The rest generally pay lip service but skip when no one is looking.


“One reason that I consider myself a good programmer is that I learned from some of the best. And for that matter, some of the worst (as in “I would never build anything that shoddy”). But certainly the good things I learned was from programmers more experienced and tasteful than I was (especially in my 20s). By the time I was in my 30s, I was good, and I’ve been trying to become better all the time. I read a lot of code. I see a lot of good ideas. I try to make them my own.”

OK, go back to humbly practise more and more~!


Written by blueroselady

July 18, 2009 at 2:30 am

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