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Why suffer now? Sunshine and smiles feel more precious than hardwork

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I left lab at 5pm today, due to unbearable stress (my work does not go well) and the necessity to clean 2 rooms. My roommmate is coming back, and I have to shift to another room previously occupied. I was very dizzy for the entire day, not enough sleep. It’s good to leave at 5pm, can still see the sunshine. I saw many people, including a lab mate who said that he prefers to work at home as his wife is at home. He still get to wash dishes, can I make such an agreement with Darling too?

I also saw the mother whose toddler boy is very smart, I met him at the church, he wanted to say peace to me. The toddler boy was waiting for his mum coming back via shuttle. Having our family with us is great. Why I choose loneliness, to be separated from my family and Dear? For what?

Written by blueroselady

July 14, 2009 at 1:14 am

Posted in family, study

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