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La Jolla’s “Lights Over the Cove”

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My dream to see my 1st Independence Day firework came true! Growing up watching Hollywood movies, I was so fortunate to be able to see how American enjoyed and celebrate 4th July. People put colorful tents and chairs, with tempting BBQ, and my friend said that he has never seen the La Jolla Cove with so many people. Yes, I am lucky! On the first day of this year, Darling and I enjoyed the fireworks at Disneyland Paris, with the background of Sleeping Beauty’s castle, the effects are magical. This evening, the fireworks are not as spectacular as Disneyland’s, except for the final, posssibly the loudest one as we stand pretty close to the shooting area. But I do love the colorful fireworks lighting up the Pacific waves hitting the La Jolla Cove! Well, only for low-height fireworks.

La Jolla is among the richest area in San Diego, so relatively safer than other districts. I am living in La Jolla, paying a substituted rent, what else can I demand? A contented soul in $, a hungry one in knowledge, with endless desire to be useful for others.

I told Darling that it is so hopeless to be carless in the States. Correction: It is so hopeless to be carless in the California.

Fortunately, we did not have to take bus back home. My friend’s friend drove us to their friend’s home. Our driver drove pretty fast, and he played those clubbing music, propelling people to drive even faster, sigh~! I shake my head with the music, but inside my heart, praying for our safety. Our driver wanted to avoid traffic, so he drove past the Mount Soledad (where many big houses are – millions!, it’s dark, so I did not see much).

Well, I am not against prosperity. I agree with ‘No money no honey, no money no journey’. I struggled to come here, yet I am here and alive to be useful for myself (get a PhD!) and others (do productive research). If I have $, I want to use it to fund education of children in the developing countries. Education has transformed my life. I try my best to be always positive (though I cry sometimes), to respect and learn from everybody I have met.

Written by blueroselady

July 5, 2009 at 9:15 am

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