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First Real Saturday in San Diego

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Finally, after two weeks arriving in the States, I have my 1st real Saturday in San Diego. We started with visiting the Loc Uyen Deer Park Monastery at Escondido. Seeing no deer (perhaps they ran away knowing my roommate wanted to BBQ them – joking), I enjoyed the peace and the beauty of nature.

The buildings are simple, but the monastery is located in a huge hill, and so many interesting plants, flowers (roses and lotus made me happy), and cactus – bigger than me. Squirrels and turtles at the lotus ponds.

A friendly old nun, who speaks Vietnamese and French, but not English, accompanied us as our guide. She was happy, so were we.

We had a vegetarian lunch there, washed our dining utensils. The female restrooms have no locks, so I used a dustbin to hold the door. We climbed up the hill on our feet. We sat at the highest pagoda, enjoying the scenery. I love this: “Breathe, you are alive”.

Back at home, there was party going on, so many people and it was scarry for me as I did not know anyone. Celebrating 2 graduations, 3 Birthdays. My roommate’s former roommates, also the former occupant of my room, just got his PhD, his parents were at our home too to celebrate. I love the prawn BBQ, they marinated it very well. I also love the durian cake.

On Friday evening, during the farewell party of my lab group, I just learnt that people who shared an apartment with us are called roommates, though we do not sleep in the same rooms. Here, the term housemates are not so common.

Next, we went shopping at Fashion Valley, transforming myself into a fashionista. I bought a sweater for around 4 bucks (after adding tax), so cheap! The only problem is it has UCLA word, instead of UCSD; so I probably best not to wear on campus, anyway I need one for home-wearing and sleeping. The 800 sweater was too precious to be worn sleeping, though it is free in the context of $ spent, but highly expensive in term of memory and time. From the same sales section of the store Charlotte Russe, I also bought another Japanese-flowers-motif dress for around 5 bucks. Happy for a cheap bargain!

We went to so many shops, that I could not remember all. Abercrombie & Fitch (like the perfumed shop, and many B&W photos of intimate couples), Bloomingsdale (where my roommate’s sis bought the CD Jadore – I like the fragrance! Tips 1. New York tax is lower than California tax. 2. Ask for small tube samples when we buy perfumes), Macy’s (not as cheap as I thought, dresses are average around 20 bucks. I almost bought a DKNY white shirts for my guy, thinking that it costs 29 bucks, but when scanned it become 42 bucks).

When I have the chance, I will go to Outlet Center, which is near the California and Mexico border. I found that many blouses here are too long for me, I could only buy knee-lenght or above dress.

Dinner at East San Diego (we drove along a hilly road), treated my by roommate’s sis’s San Diego friend whom she met on a tour to Thai last CNY. I did not know what to order, so just followed what my roommate’s sis’s Aussie friend recommended, she said it is stinky, but tasty. When the food came, I am ok with the smell, and it tasted awesome. With fish, prawn, calamari, eggplants, and soft noodles – a bit spicy – I love it. She said that the dish was normally eaten at dinner in family, with a big container in the middle.

Written by blueroselady

June 14, 2009 at 3:16 pm

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