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Trans-Atlantic with United Airlines

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I woke up at 4.25 am to catch the 5.15am bus to Heathrow. My landlord lent me 2 alarm clocks, and I have an alarm clock from 1 of my 2 mobile phones, the other one has gone defunct. Few hours before, I was busy cleaning my room, after so many weeks. I don’t want to leave it in a dirty state, so now it is in a less-dirty state, hopefully.

I shopped some stuff at Harrods in Terminal 1. Love one water (100% to support play pump in Africa).
Harrods_shopping (2)

I flied 1st to Los Angeles (LA) with UA935, this is the classy notice board I kept on gazing while breakfast-ing of smoked salmon, scrambled egg, and English muffin. Those destinations where I could only dream as a child, perhaps now could be a reality, slowly one-by-one. Ok, enough of daydreaming!

Breakfast_Heathrow_T1 (4)

# On the Heathrow to LA plane #
United transfered my seat to Economy Plus because some passengers want to seat together, more in front on the plane body. That’s mean faster to get out of the plane, faster to clear the immigration.

There is an article on the United magazine on the geometrically challenging and dynamically puzzling La Sagrada Familia, “Patience is a virtue”, > 100 years in making. Dear, we will go there to pray, at least once, ok?

In Japan, collagen is added into food, to make the eaters puru puru (with soft skin).
How collagens can be used?
1. Apply onto skin in the form of cream and ointments
2. Inject onto lips to make them puffier and more Angeline-like
3. Jap restaurants, from candy to yoghurt.

I watched these movies on the Boeing 777 (2-5-2):
# Not easily broken
# Bride Wars: Starred by Anna Hathaway, love her sexy lips.
# Gran Torino: There is a Sassi-look-alike dog. Don’t like the gun shooting actions, but make me aware on where I am heading to, a country where gun possession is legalized.
# Inkheart: Like the fanstasy, unicorn. Silver tongues are people who can bring characters from story, by reading it.

I want to watch this movie: Marley and me. United shows this movie, but not on my UK-US Trans-Atlantic Route. I read the description, it seems that Marley is like somebody at home, loves to chew everything she can find, miss her badly.

My housemate treated my 1st dinner at La Jolla. We had to wait for some time as there were many customers. I love the spring roll and beef soup a lot 🙂 Very grateful, he picked me up at the airport, and then we went to buy a bedding for my Queen size bed (the 1st time I sleep in such a big bed in my humble student life). Happy!


My 1st ever QUEEN

My 2nd day in La Jolla was spent shopping. After the Good Samaritan Episcopal Church for 12.30 Sunday mass, organized by the Newman Center Catholic Community, my housemate picked me outside the church to go groceries shopping at Lucky Seafood (Asian stuff), Ralphs, Target, which are at the La Mesa. I am overwhelmed by the experience, everything is so big in America, from the milk containers to the mouthrinses. All superlatives term applied. We also went to buy air filter to make his car happy.


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May 31, 2009 at 6:46 pm

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