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A confused and still learning paper writer

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My supervisor did not read my draft carefully, he is missing a page, so he was confused why I talked about a phenomena at the next page. Luckily and gratefully, he gives some suggestions how to make the draft more convincing to readers. If our manuscript could not even appeal to my supervisor, we could forget on how to convince the reviewers, editors, and readers. He has his own ideas and I have to think of methods and results that could support those hypothesis. I have a poster to make, but I am more interested to finish this manuscript. Yes, I have to revolutionize the manuscripts, put the result 1 at the back, move the results 2, 3 forward, re-writing to strengthen our cases.

My supervisor said that I sounded that I was trying to prove our hypothesis wrong. Well, I just try my best to be careful and not to offend any schools of thought in the midst of controversial observations going on. The more I read the literature, the more confused I become.

My collaborator was too busy to reply to me. Both of my supervisor and collaborator have a bit of disagreement on a figure, so I just follow the one with bigger say. I told my supervisor that I am not hoping too much from collaborator. My sup said that I am learning, learning about people. No matter what happen, we have to be grateful on and to respect people who have helped us.

I am in the state of being saturated by this work, but I must finish this. Recently, I have not read anything about the upcoming June project. Be ready to appear stupid in front of future colleagues. Yes, I think I am stupid, but I still have other desirable characters: hardworking. God Bless!

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May 21, 2009 at 3:21 pm

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