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Oxfam Charity Walk 2009

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I could not remember when I have done something for charities in my study here. In undergraduate days, I used to be a mentor for primary school students or the hearing impaired, but I forget all my sign language now. Another involvement was with the largest fund-raising in the university, but honestly a lot of things to deal with (logistically, administratively, diplomatically, politically), the fun thing was being able to listen to the 6-digits worth of coins sound for the night long – like Uncle Scrooge McDuck, the Richest Duck in the World, in his massive money bin.

Well, back to today. Initially, I was posted in the registration hall at the typical-English-wooden CHilford Hall, where I was grateful for as it was raining outside. Half-an-hour before noon, the volunteer coordinator, G.W. asked me if I could be a marshall until 3pm. There was another gap-year girl with me, which were good as we kept on talking to endure the three more hours stands. G.W. kindly lent me his jacket and waterproof pants, but it did not rain at all. Only a bit of drizzling when we were walking to our lollipop lady stand. Our stand also has a stunning view, a rapeseed field with white early summer flowers, and ever-changing cloud formations. Happy. I fulfilled my dream to photograph the yellow rapeseed field (just very few shots, but the best ones, as I have been waiting at a spot for the right sunlight), and my blue gloves made a nice contrast. Even though the weather is gloomy, a field of rapeseed made us feel like we are in the sunny land. On the free Stagecoach bus, we also saw white ostrich and an air-plane show.

I am glad to be part of this historical Oxfam Charity Walk, since 1967. 82-year-old Corpus Christi Fellow takes 25 miles in hi stride (Cambridge Evening News, 8/03/76). For those who fancied an alternative to walking, there was a five-mile punt race from Cambridge to Grantchester.

Also got some fund-raising ideas for my upcoming trans-continental charity hitch-hiking. Thanks to my partner for the discussion as well, we were talking and swapping across road, till the Stagecoach driver recognized us (perhaps 2 pretty girls, who can forget?)
# Smile, we should not feel awkward about asking people (for $)
# write a press release (guide at, compliance with Charity Law.
# Use a bit of psychology – because people will often pledge the same as the previous sponsor, start off with a generous (but affordable) amount for your audience.
# The best way is online (e.g. justgiving – quick, efficient, SECURE, cost-effective, and we can keep a cumulative record of who’s giving us what (along with their personal message!)
# Business cards – make up some biz cards with brief details of what we are doing, and our online donation site. Distribute our biz cards liberally.
# See if some local shops / biz can support us by donating prizes.
# Film night. Romantic movies marathon on V-Days. Free entrance, but sell popcorns, etc.
# Bath of beans (get people to sponsor us for every minute in a beany bath).
# Matched giving (ask employer if they will pledge the same total again as what we raise for charity).
# Games night / computer games knockout tournament, charge people to enter and have a prize for the win.
# Fancy dress car wash.
# Training. Get people to sponsor us for our training distances or times e.g. 1 pound per mile over a particular week.
# Suppliers sponsor us. Yes! Yes! I am going to ask airlines to fund our flights.
# Guess baby photo competition.

Below are not so feasible, but still worth noting.
# Dog walking. Only applicable in the West, where dogs enjoy better lives than many children in poor countries.
# Kisses. Issue: Darling is likely to disagree.
# Sell some of our old stuff. Problem 1. I don’t have many things to sell as I don’t shop a lot 2. I normally just donate my old stuff to Salvation Army.
# Sell food e.g. ice cream / hot choco, cakes, biscuits. Issue: need food vendor licensing?

Back in time for a mass, followed by a delicious dinner of cold jerk chicken, with excellent companionships. I am getting comfortable living here, yet it’s time for me to say goodbye, for another challenge in life.

I added Linton to places visited on my tripadvisor profile, hurray.


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May 17, 2009 at 11:09 pm

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