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My frugal Cambridge lifestyle

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Since I was 14, I have lived away from my parents. They gave me a lump sum for a year, as it is easier to transfer the money. My mother taught me to budget my expenditure (which I still do now), by noting down every spending. This enables me to identify where is cheaper to buy things.

Living as a student in Cambridge, I spend between GBP 100 and slightly over 200 per month, for everything excluding accommodation and once-in-a-while enlightening journey. I know at least a student supported by my benefactor, who drives car. Yes, my allowance is more than twice what I spend.

I buy discounted / offer stuff. I buy no meat at supermarkets. I still have my meat intake from the once-in-a-while free college formal dinners or when my friends invite me to their homes for dinner. I bought desserts, flowers, or drinks in return of their kindness, and of course sharing stories. No free lunch in this world! And I strongly believe that we should return other kindness.

I have never attended any Mayballs as a guest, but I have been to some Mayballs, trying to understand how they organize such a big event, trying to eternalize the memories there.
Why do I choose such a frugal lifestyle and not enjoying life?

Unlike many other developed countries, my parents live in a country without pension or social security system. I have the responsibility of ensuring that they are sufficient to pursue their passions and to live healthy lives. Undeniably, as one’s age increases, his medical expenses are likely to increase.

It is also my Confucious education which shapes some of my life principals. Confucious teachings are something that I embrace at certain age of my life, in a foreign land. When human beings are denied or forbiddend from something, the more they crave for it (e.g. China 1989, Berlin Wall fall). Confucious taught that we should love our parents. Confucious has also inspired me to pursue my dreams, to be a humble, hardworking, polite person. Still working on these.

Another thing that shapes my life is God’s love to His every children. I attended a Catholic primary school, and had always wanted to be able to go to church weekly (again, a desire for something which a child could not have). When I am living away from my parents, my worried-Mum told me to go to church, she thought that church friends are kind and able to give me encouragements. Now a Catholic, I don’t know all of Catholicism, but I know one thing, God always loves us. I am trying my best to love His every children. To love more, to respect more, to encourage more, to hate no.

I have also met many people with the fear of being a mediocre. Somehow, I am being spreaded with this too. I absorb many competititive values. I will write more on this.

My dream of starting a children education fund, is to help many other young people like the decade-ago me, or many-decades-ago my-father-alike, to pursue their dreams and to be useful people for their societies. I told some of my close friends, as well as acquaintances such as M.S. of Switzerland, out of over-excitement, that my dream is to be able to give away 80% of what I earn, and yet still able to live sufficiently with the remaining 20% – which is also enough to raise family. M.S. pointed out that this is very challenging, there will be bills to pay, etc. But, we love challenging stuff. I hope that this is not only my dream, but also your dream. Pray for me, svp and many thanks in advance.

Written by blueroselady

May 13, 2009 at 8:39 am

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