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Spring in a nutshell

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I am not only living in an open air museum, but also a huge beatiful garden where God showcases His greatness, through beautiful flowers (daffodils, magnolia, bluebell, chessboard), ducks and swans, River Cam and many ponds.

April 1: Botanical Garden
April 2: Emmanuel garden (I have not been to this part of Emma, though I have been to the formal hall)
April 3: Christ college (I sat next to Darwin statue, cool!), Downing college (love the pillars)
April 4: Robinson.
April 5: Cambridge beauty goes to King’s, Clare, Trinity, St. John’s, and Queens. A quick tour at Corpus Cristi. Some daffodils have withered, but tulips are blossoming. Today is Palm Sunday, Latin Mass at Olem.
April 6: Jesus (My first time visiting Jesus College Chapel which is quite different from others. I would like to go Jesus again, for the purple flowers on the wall at the horse statue court and the All Saint Church which is under renovation today).
April 7: King’s Parade, St. Catherine (I collected some fallen magnolia petals, they smell so women), Peterhse (the largest carpet of daffodils)
April 8: Pembroke Chapel, Peterhse again
April 9: Sid Sussex (I went into Master’s garden, today is open day)
April 15: Peterhouse again (many daffodils are gone), Laundress Green cycling
April 16: Museum of Archaelogy and Anthropology (museum is the best bet on a rainy day, and it’s FREE), I also saw black tulips outside Dept. Biochemistry
April 19: Botanical Garden, Grantchester (with Rupert Brooke poems)
April 20: King’s Chapel
April 21: Magdalene (wisteria and pink tulips)
April 22: Hughes Hall (there are so many insects), I have completely visited and photographed all Cam colleges.
April 23: Jesus, Christ Fellow Garden (I love soft fragrant 紫藤花).

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May 1, 2009 at 3:31 pm

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