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My dream dog 傻喜

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I told myself that I am going to end the work last night at 1am, and to go bed as I was tired. Yet, I only managed to sleep at almost 3.30am. Not because I am insomniac, but I was hooked by lovely dog pictures and the stories of taking care it.

It’s quite unbeliavable, for a dog-fearing person like me. When I was in high school, I went to Dad’s friend home in the weekend, and I was chased by dogs. But I guess like persons, there are really lovely and nice dogs out there, I am sharing a house with one now. She is so thirsty of love, wants people to caress her so much.

I want a labrador, white and creamy, with long eyelashes, like Sassy. I called her in this intonation: 傻喜, reflecting her personality. The 傻 here means innocence. Sometimes I would add the surname of Darling (in Mandarin), to imagine she is part of the family.

I want to name my future labrador Sassy too! Darling will have the opportunities to groom a ‘President’s Dog’, who can speak five different languages, and perform excellent acts. It is Darling’s way to irritate me, as I have a lot of plans for our future progenies. For me, I just want Sassy to be given my love ❤

This images portrays the 傻 quality of my 傻喜.

This is just reminding me on the scene Sassy chasing away the black cat who wants to eat my fish.

Waking up from my day-dreaming, I realize that there are so many issues to deal with:
# I am so nomad that I haved lived in over 20 rooms/houses scattered over 5 countries, in the over past 10 years. In fact, I am going to live in California this summer, then I am moving to little red dot after summer. Who will be taking care of Sassy if I am required to be away for job?
# Spaces are very expensive in the little red dot. It’s not wise to let Sassy to live in a tiny compartment. The neighbours are likely to complain too, unless I live in a private accommodation.
# I am not rich. I remember my former landlady bought a Jack Russell for S$900 two years ago, but that Jack Russel is so untrained, shitted in my room. Then, we have to bring Sassy to vet, which are most likely affordable by the rich. There are also pet-care, must teach Sassy how to swim, how to socialize (she is by nature a social one), how to be a pretty dog.

I remember a China official, if I’m not wrong he’s Premier Zhu, was interviewed if he likes pets. His answer strikes everyday-people-like-me, it’s already very challenging to raise a child. Not everyone has sufficient resources to groom a child, people are struggling to provide food, clothing, shelter, education for their child/ren.

Yet, I still want a Sassy ❤
Perhaps I should learn to be contented, to be happy without having it.
Yet, if you have a white creamy labrador puppy to give away, I will be willing to accept (most likely after I am having a permanent house). Read permanent as staying for more than three years, without the need to move away due to renting contract expiration. Best if the land and the house is under my name.

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April 16, 2009 at 9:39 am

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