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Hang on Dear

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I was showering in spartan way, using a bucket, remind me on the old days when visiting the Sunggal. I long for refreshing shower, standing under the flowing water. Now I got to wait in cold for the water to fill up my bucket.

Why my hair is easily getting oily? But I am not OPEC ^_^
Anyone, any advice? I got to wash it everyday, but Mum said it’s not good for our head to wash it everyday.

I miss Asian food so much, I hope that California has much more affordable Asian food. I ate two eggs, four sticks of fake crabsticks, two slices of bread for dinner. No appetite, but I must eat so that I have energy.

Hang on Dear! 1.5 months and you will be leaving this place, plus two trips within this 1.5 months. Oh no! I have not finished many things, wish me Luck!

I am going to study hard, to find things to entertain myself, to keep on shootings for my Diva.

Today is the 20th memorial for the Reds sad event, no matter what happen, I love you Liverpool!


Written by blueroselady

April 15, 2009 at 8:09 pm

Posted in beauty, experience, food

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