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Peer-pressure to travel

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I don’t know how true it is, but I feel the peer-pressure to travel around Europe while studying here. Whenever I login into my facebook account, there will new trip photos posted by my friends or acquaintances.
A Cambridge student created this ‘Cross Europe – Transsiberian Trip 2009 Summer’ group in which my friend join. Start: London. Destination: Beijing. Duration: Approx. 1 month, from 20ish in June. Route: London(UK) – Paris(France) – Berlin(Germany) – Prague (Czech) – Vienna (Austria) – Budapest (Hungary) – Krakow (Poland) – Warsaw (Poland) – Vilnius (Lithuania) – Riga (Latvia) – St. Petersburg (Russia) – Moscow (Russia) – Ulan-Bataar (Mongolia) – Beijing (China). Travel Expenses: 1000 Euros (Estimated by train/coach prices, further details available from me). Since we will be traveling using Interrail pass, more cities in countries before lithuania can be easily added into the trip.

I want to go to see those beautiful places too, in an envious mode. then I learnt that it’s cheaper to get the westbound train (i.e. from Beijing or Ulan Bator). I told Dear in the New Year 2007 that Trans-Siberia is one of my top three wish-to-go destinations, to be fulfilled in the next five years. I have been to none of the three destinations. Now, we are in financial crisis again, we ought to play our parts to save. This year, I have no self-paid travel plan except for my birthday, yet I have bought the cheapest ticket I could find. I have two or three hardworking-earned trips, hurray! I have already got the air tickets. Thank you God, You are so nice to me.

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April 14, 2009 at 5:36 pm

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