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Learning more about Cambridge

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I read the audio walks transcript in order to learn more about Cambridge.

Some facts that I have not known before:
# Most people were not wealthy enough to afford a doctor.
# St Benet’s Chruch is the oldest surviving building in Cambridge.
# The whole University was often forces to disband during epidemics.
# Gate of Honour is the earliest Renaissance style in Cambridge.
# The place where we got to pull the punt over another river if we want to go to Grantchester is called Laundress Green.
# In the 1660s, Robert Talbor treated malaria patients (malaria were common in the Laundress Green) with quinine-containing cinchona tree bark.
# Once you are a member of a college, you remain so for life.
# Formal halls are sit-down evening meals.
# May Balls are the ultimate parties.
# Market Square has been around since Saxon times.
# Now, Cambridge regularly picks up awards for recycling, sustainability, and low carbon emissions.
# CU has over 600 different societies.
# The Eagle Pub was 1st opened in 1667.
# A sick person in the 19th century could lose their job, their home, and even their family. Childbirth was a major causes of death amongst all social classes.
# Elsie Widdowson and Robert McCance formulated war-time rationing, which are said that Britain was at its healthiest under this diet of mainly bread, vegetables, and potatoes.
# A leper hospital of St Anthony and Eligius was founded in Trumpington St.
# Hardly to get clean water in the past, so drink beer!
# University Library, 1 of 149 libraries in the city, is a Legal Deposit library (yet, only few are accessible by me, most are for the privileged ones), e.g. I always rely on my friends to have a view on their college library, I have never been to Pepys Library.
# The Careers Service will be available to us for life.
# In 2009, there are over 16000 undergraduate and graduate students.
# Cambridge gets its name from ‘Granta Brygge’.
# The Old Court of Corpus Christi is the oldest surviving, enclosed court in Cambridge.
# King’s Chapel has the largest fan-vaulted ceiling. The 16-boy choir was established by Henry VI.
# The University of Cambridge was builit on questions – and the search for answers.
# Cambridge Great St Mary church clock has been copied for Big Ben.
# In the past, students could be stopped and fined for not wearing their gowns.
# The wedding cake of st John is of octagonal shape (how come I’ve never realized it?)
# Maxwell = electromagnetism.

English words:
# lurid = 火红
# pestilential = 瘟疫
# seminal =精液
# infirmary = 医疗所
# vagrants = 瘪三, a wanderer who has no established residence or visible means of support
# destitute = poor (I learnt this before for GRE)
# gruesome = 可怕
# hogs = 肉猪
# paupers = 叫花子, a person who is very poor
# fowling = 捕鸟
# hive (e.g. used in ‘a hive of activity’)


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