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Happy Easter 2009

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Happy Easter 2009!

This morning, I went to listen to Choral service at King’s Chapel, admiring the largest fan-vaulted ceiling. I like this from the Sermon: Lent is all about giving up things that we like, but it would be much more to the point if we were to consider giving up the things that weigh us down. Of course, there are times and situations when it is the very things that we like that are the very things that weigh us down. Then we really are challenged.

Latin words:
Agnus Dei = Lamb of God
sinceritatis et veritatis = sincerity and trust

After lunch, walked towards Borders bookshop, just to find out that it is closed. I also went into a vintage shop, I dream of a dress pink or red polka dot and those with small flowery patterns. I will get one by one every CNY. Now I try to shop less, to eat what I need (try to be vegetarian & fish consumers).

This year Easter is entirely gloomy. I try to rest and prepare for my work, my upcoming learning and work trips.

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April 12, 2009 at 1:03 pm

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