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Good Friday in London

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I woke up very late today (perhaps and I hope that this is the latest one in this year), almost 11am. I slept at 1.30 am yesterday, and did not feel well as I cycled in the rain last night. For today lunch, my friend and I had my first paella de marisco (Spanish rice with seafood), jamon serrano, queso manchego, all those food I leart in my Spanish class. My friend told me a website for cheap flight ( Now I share with you my London trip yesterday. It’s not a sunny day, but I spend most time indoor, so I was fine.

I took bus 24 from King’s Cross to Waterloo Bridge, walked along the Embankment to Westminster Abbey. It’s better to take bus (much cheaper than underground £1 vs £1.6, experience London view). The bus 24 passed the Tavistock Square (where we can see Gandhi statue), Russel Square. I walked along the Embankment, a fun walk. There are many costume-buskers. Personally, I found their costumes scarry, except one who dressed up as Charlie Chaplin and with music. I was lucky to be able to get into Westminster Abbey for free (normally a student must pay £9). There is an ecumenical procession, our Christian brothers came from Westminster Cathedral and Methodist Central Hall, carrying a cross. Perhaps it’s just my observations, people in the Westminster Abbey dress more formally than those came with the procession. I like the address: The Enemies of Mine. Even children experience rivalry. God creates everyone of us unique. He bestowed us unique talent, so whenever our brothers and sisters, even so-called enemies, do better than us, let’s not worry, or even worse, plan an action to harm them. Instead, we can learn from them. Next, I visited the Westminter Abbey cloister, I thought I could see the tomb of Isaac Newton. I was wrong, his is in the Abbey.

Next destination is Leicester Square. I went to National Gallery after a lunch cum dinner. I love National Gallery. I focused on 17th-century paintings.
I love these paintings:
# Christ before the High Priest by van Honthorst (God is kind, to show me this painting on Good Friday).
# Ecce Homo (Behold the Man) by Rembrandt.
# A Peepshow with Views of the Interior of a Dutch House by van Hoogstraten.
# An Allegory of the Vanities of Human Life by Steenwyck (books, shells represent the pursuits of active human mind e.g. studying and collecting).
# Cornelis van der Geest by van Dyck (the silver lines on eyelines made the eyes look moist and teary, I am impressed).
# Saint Margaret of Antioch by Francisco de Zurbaran (she reminds me on Japanese anime doll).

I also saw these famous paintings:
# Landscape with Psyche outside the Palace of Cupid by the Claude (Claude Lorrain).
# Self portrait at the Age of 34 by Rembrandt.
# A Young Woman standing at a Virginal by Vermeer.
# Portrait of Susanna Lunden by Rubens.
# The Rockeby Venus by Velazquez.

These painting are inspirational for my project:
# Triple Portrait of Cardinal de Richelieu by Champaigne.
# A Young Woman stannding at a Virginal by Vermeer (just hold a card, Ace for love, to represent one should just loves a partner).
# Adoration of the Shepherds by Le Nain Brothers.
# Landcape with Narcissus and Echo by Claude (note the usage of blue cloth for coverage).
# Charity by van Dyck (Charity is one of the three Christian virtues).
# The Judgment of Paris by Rubens.
# The Rockeby Venus by Velazquez.
# The Two Trinities by Esteban Murillo (good for family portrait idea).

Waiting for Les Miserables, I walked a while in Chinatown, staring at dishes of buffet. I read a warning that many restaurants in Chinatown charge crazy prices, knowing that most patrons are tourists and less likely to come back to complain.

Les Miserables could be said is the most popular musical in London. Living in England, near London, I feel the responsibility to be cultural, at least must watch a musical. I got the most back and highest seat (nobody else sat behind me), yet the cheapest one I could fine. Getting to our seats early does help. (Tips: rent the binocular, only 50pence, but there are less binocular than seats). Binocular does help, allow me to see the facial expressions. The seats are very small (Tips: get a side seat, so can put our bags; or put them in the cloakroom if we have no valuables). I read the story plot before watching. It’s strange that I am much sympathetic towards adult Pontine character instead of Cosette one. They sold small Haagen Daz for £3 during the intermission. The drooling me can only resist a temptation (my friend told me today that £2.5 can get a very nice meal in Mexico).

I took underground from Picadilly Circus to King’s Cross. I thought that traveling is very tiring. I felt asleep on the train for a while.

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April 11, 2009 at 5:29 pm

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