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A Hollywood action movie script by me

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Last night (April 9, 2009) I had a dream that can compete for Hollywood action movie script. I am the male lead role, and there is another female lead role (let say her initial is R as I remembered she wear red gown). There was a death of somebody, we could not stay silent. Therefore, R and I went to seek the boss, to seek justice in a peaceful manner. There were so many people looking at us, how on earth we could be so brave.

Next scene is R and I was laying on beds (it’s not comfortable bed, more like hospital emergency beds, very narrow). We were chatting, then I heard noise. The boss sent k-people to terminate us. I told R to climb out of window after the k-people entering our building. We were about 3 or 4-storeys above ground. They knew our room, so they rushed in to find out our empty beds. Too bad I did not hide well, when the k-people open the window, they saw my head. So I got to jump into another window and ran. I was in the lower floor, there were big offices. I tried to find unlock rooms, then finally I saw some plants in a big office, tried to camouflage myself. The k-people did not see me, until one of them with super long zoom camera spotted me. I started running again, there were gunshots. I found a male toilet, with a guy shooting a rabbit inside. I requested him to lend his shoulder, so that I could climb up to a space about the toilet (it’s like a store room for cleaning products). I told the guy to lie to k-people, they guy did what I said until the k-people walked away yet saying they would pay him if he got information.! That’s the time my hiding revealed. I got to run again … I could not remember what happened next. R was safe, sleeping with one of a nurse friend, worrying about me.


Written by blueroselady

April 9, 2009 at 9:27 am

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