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Wet butt

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This morning (April 6th, 2009) I found one of my reference papers felt on the floor (I did not realize it’s mine). Then I asked my two labmates if it is theirs. Later, after reading the figure, it’s my reference. Then I immediately sat on my seat, my butt felt very cold. There were water there. I also realized a 20-cm diameter water mark on the carpet. I did not think it’s animal, because I have never seen any animal in my lab. Interestingly, after I went back to change my pant, I realized the first two pages are like dried in the compartment between me and J.H. Luckily my passport is not in the lab. Weird?

I think the spilling happened early this morning. By what or who? Agatha Christie mode is on.

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April 6, 2009 at 9:18 am

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