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List of volunteer activities that I would like to do:
~ Take commercial photographs for children and eldery / family theme. I can be as imaginative as I wish, re-creating childhood dreams and  iventing many new ideas to be executed. Proceeds will be donated for children education fund. Duration (weekday night, max once / week), payment is up to customers (minimal charge to cover printing costs).
~ Reading stories (God’s stories, Disney babies and princesses) to many kids. Record my voice, so in future when I am old and my voice has transformed, I can still re-play for my grandchildren.
~ Be a tour guide at Botanical Garden during day/busy time, do research during quiet time. If possible, influence the head and manager, to plant useful traditional medicine species.

List of things I want to study
~ finance
~ traditional medicine
~ programming (I am really s*cks in this)

List of expenditure I would like to have:
~ beauty products for skin, need to maintain starting from now! Considering Kose as my aunt and my cousin are using it.
~ buy caviars for my Diva to let her try.
~ sponsor my Diva to attend my graduation. Amin! (First of all, I must work hard to graduate). Then, also bring her to see Europe (major sites)


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April 6, 2009 at 12:18 am

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