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Glorious spring daffodils

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I kick-started at Queens’, so many daffodils at the backs, where Darling were chasing ducks. I also saw bluebells flowers and tulips with gradient of red and yellow.

Next, I was too hungry to continue, so I had lunch at King’s College (when my parents are in Cambridge, I will bring them to enjoy the Harry Potter alike dinning hall). I was so thirsty actually. King’s pathway to the Back is also lined up with daffodils, but fenced with a rope.

I continued to Trinity, to my disappointment, there are no many daffodils below the slender tree, but I guess there are the buds of red tulips, which I cherished so much last year.

Next, I moved to St. John’s backs, where I run like mad but I was so happy.

Next destination is St. Edmund, I haven’t photograph this college exterior before. I was here for a meal together long time ago. St. Edmund is the only Catholic chapel among all Cambridge college chapels. Honestly, in term of arhictecture and landscape, it is less photogenic than the colleges along the Backs, yet I have the responsibility to document it.

Final stop is the Magdalene college. The Fellow garden is so magical, so many daffodils, honestly I have been intoxicated by daffodils – six petals of yellow, light yellow, or white, and interior of same of darker orange colour. My mind is so full of daffodils, but they are lovely, aren’t they? They are so humble, bowing down, a character we should learn. Interestingly, I met T. E. He told me about a rare unique plant whose German name if literally translated, means chessboard blossom. Googling told me that the English name is fritillary and Wikipedia told me several species are used for Chinese medication. Another species F. assyrica has a very large genome of 1.3 x 10^11 bp. Our haploid genome has over 3 billion (10^9) bp. I thought it looks like tulip, with magenta lines forming the chessboard pattern. They only grow on the side next to the River Cam, but not on the other side of the footpath.

It’s 4.30pm, and I cycled back to get ready for 5 pm mass. Today mass is so magical, my dark church has been transformed by the sunset light (thanks to the clock being moved 1 hr forward). Light is among one of God’s best creation, the sunset rays casted on people’s hair, oh Your Glory!


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March 29, 2009 at 6:54 pm

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