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My first time flying Airbus-380, it’s a huge plane. Many things inside are bigger than other planes I have taken.
The screen is larger, slightly smaller than my laptop monitor.
There are some spaces in between my seat and the window, a mirror on the dining table but I did not use it, head support during sleeping (less neck pain)
Spacious lavatories, convenient to brush teeth.
Very quick landing, so less worry on shorter runway.
Watching movies (I also do the same on most long-distance flight I have taken): The day the earth stood still, Crime is our business (Le Crime est notre affaire), Lesson in chocolates (Lezioni Di Cioccolato), High Noon, The boxer

The remote for navigating the video channels is not responding fast enough. I press up once and release, it takes many seconds before moving to the next channel. I press without release, it continuously moves till 500, while I just want to see channel 45.
The screen in my seat is not working, there are Linux and channel loading error, etc. I tried several times, once it managed to load the video, but the video went hang few seconds later. Perhaps it’s not my best number, A38 as I chose that based on Airbus-380.
Many people – mostly from Virgin Atlantic, fortunately the seat next to me is empty so I can shift when my screen is not working, but there is a Vietnamese auntie sat on the aisle seat, so I could not sleep laying on 3 seats like my flight from London.
The supper of beef fillet is less tasty that the beef steak I had on my flight from London. I did not finish it, but I had 2 glasses of Bailey Irish Cream.
Very big wing, but my view become obstructed.

I was greeted with daffodils at the Heathrow. I learnt an important tips to endure the nightmare coach, to wear sleeping mask so I will easily fall asleep and the shaky coach acts as a craddle and reduce the motion-sickness effect.

Written by blueroselady

March 26, 2009 at 1:31 pm

Posted in experience, movie, travel

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