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We work as if today is our deadline, we learn as if we are going to live forever.

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I think I pass my listening Spanish exam. Instead of having to pass every item (oral, listening, and comprehension), they are going to take our average marks, which is hopefully going to help me to pass. I can feel the excitement of my classmates, I get the main idea of the story right. Nuria is the main character, who is interrogated by immigration officer, if her boyfriend is a famous footballer. Nuria said no, but it turned up that his boyfriend is indeed the famous footballer, who asked to her to marry him through the airlines announcement system. So sweet, remind me on the song Darling sent to me, with videoclip set on the American Airlines.

Back to the test, I miss some detail points, so I won’t get marks for them. It’s ok, my aim is to pass. It seems that I have lost my skills as examinees. No problema. The most important thing now is to contribute what we learn and synthesize. Generate more results. Write and submit more papers, so that I can graduate.

On the way back to my department, I met M. L. who told me that if he could re-do his PhD, it will take him 8-months to finish. I am impressed. Slow-me, plese prioritise what I have to learn and to do.

While eating Sub of the day 1.99 pound only (and a special reward for myself, a 60 pence Subway choco cookies), I created a new tagline, We work as if today is our deadline, we learn as if we are going to live forever.

Written by blueroselady

March 5, 2009 at 3:23 pm

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