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Not in the mood to travel

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I just came back from Lisbon, our returning flight took a day (the 10 am flight was delayed till 12.15, we missed our bus and had to wait for 2 hours at airport, the bus was stucked at off-work traffic, finally reached home 7pm plus)! Our departing flight had to fly to Faro to get additional oil, delaying our arrival at Lisbon.

At our hotel room, the first night I watched a documentary by BBC on how unsafe Egypt traffic is, many accidents are involving tourist. The next night, a bomb attack was reported. A French female tourist lost her life. I dare not to google further news, not for weak-hearted like me. Few days ago, I was pondering on joining a friend to travel to Egypt over the Easter break in April. I consulted Mama, I won’t travel anywhere far to prevent being over-tired.

I got long-distance flights to make. In March, I am going home to hug Mama. In June, I am going to be a Californian girl. The nightmare coach to Heathrow is indeed torturing, but I have to focus on good thoughts.

On my first night at Lisbon, my throat was so painful that I became desperate for water. The five pagoda traditional medicine have helped as well. I took the max dose of vitamin C. The air-conditioner made me difficult to break. My phlegm got blood, and my nose were bleeding too.

I am not going to other weekend trips, I prefer a long trip. This I could save on returning flights and / or other tranport expenditures, and I don’t have to worry about my work. Back at home, I got 61 emails just for being away for the weekend.

I wanted to see Cristo Rei, but my friend was not interested. Perhaps in future, Darling and I can see Cristo Rei and go to Fatima for a pilgrimage. My dream is to go Santiago de Compostela.

Tired and disappointed, yet I try to cherish the happy moments.

Happy moments:
# Portuguese love to dress their childrens in costumes, from Cinderellas to Spider Men. On our way to see the Padrao dos Descobrimentos, a mother asked her daughther Margarita to dance to pose for me. She is so lovely and she is dancing till her nose stuff came out, so I gave her my tissue – she likes the front cover, a smiling girl – the one Dear is used to carry (I thought Dear has a soft heart inside a hard man, but teased him being sissy). Since Margarita, dressed in pink bunny, liked it, I gave the entire pocket to her.

# Attending mass on 22nd Feb 2009 at the Church of Santa Maria, Jeronimos Monastery. The old man behind me was smiling in a friendly manner, he reminds me on Paulo Coelho. God loves me too much, He let me attended mass at the most beautiful churches. The Church of Santa Maria, Jeronimos Monastery has the most impressive columns / pillars that I have ever seen. My vote for the best altar is the Disney Castle alike Montreal Basilica, the most beuautiful floor is the St John’s Co-Cathedral, the grandest one is of course the St. Peter Basilica – where Dear and I attended the Pope-led Christmas Eve mass in 2008.

# Walking at the Pena Park, it’s a part of admission ticket to the Pena Palace at Sintra. It reminds me on Bukit Timah, just that it’s less humid, I like to see greeneries ~ made me feel happier. We saw the giant Thuja plitaca with typical J-shaped base branches, tree-ferns, Cameellia flowers, and I love the sound of tranquil flowing water. It’s not that easy for our seniors to reach the Moorish Pena palace, got to climb up. Inside palace, I saw the royal piano forte.

# Listening to guitarist Pedro Godinho at the Castelo de S. Jorge, Dear used to play guitar to entertain me. They have those kind of melancholic tune.

# My first lunch at Pastelaria Zante was reasonably-priced and tasty. I ordered marlouza with potatoes and olive oils. My third day lunch were four Pasteis de Belem, each was 90 cents Euro (I think we can get cheaper in other pastelaria), but the tastes of Pasteis de Belem were very delicious. Perhaps, I have already been affected by its popularity and history. I drank garoto, a very small cup of cafe with milk.

# Added two places (Lisbon and Sintra) to my travel map.

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February 23, 2009 at 11:13 pm

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