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La cena esta noche es muy deliciosa

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I cycled to my college for a free formal hall tonight. I think it’s among the best formal I have ever had.

My favorites are the starter and the main course. The starter : leek and sweet potato soup with croutons, is the best.

The main course is described as follow pan fried fillet of beef in balsamic (surprisingly soft for me, usually I don’t like beef steak, either they are too raw, or too hard), on a fricassee of woodland mushrooms (very yummy), and Gorgonzola, red wine sauce!

Additionally, my economics-surveying fellow student, told us that US is increasing grants for science. I also met a malaria lady – reminds me on diplomat wives – being nicely dressed and able to carry herself well. She said ‘It’s always hard everywhere, you just try your best’.

It’s really good, especially I just had a tasteless Clare formal last night. Sorry Clare, I am just being honest.


Written by blueroselady

February 18, 2009 at 10:34 pm

Posted in experience, food

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