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Sciences in Mid February 2009

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I kick-started this weekday by:

# Returning a proof

# Reading the current issue of Nature

@~@ I think metabolome is interesting. “The relatively young approach among the analysis of various biological ‘omes’ — is particularly valuable for cancer research because individual metabolites represent end-points of the molecular pathways that are perturbed by other ‘omes’ such as the genome, transcriptome and proteome.”

@~@ “Children are prodigious language learners, and natural-born chatterboxes.” Now, I am struggling to learn Spanish, so to assist my future progenies, they will be immersed in multi-lingual environment. It’s up to them to continue learning, but at tender early age, they will be exposed. Some plans include: cartoon /kids programs in English, Chinese, Spanish, and my birthland language; story books in these four languages. Of course, they can pick up additional dialects.

@~@ Both Charles Darwin and Abrahan Lincoln were born on 12th Feb 1809. Both are great men who have shaped our world. Both lost a mother in childhood. Both aversed slavery.

@~@ “Life without walls”: There are rare L-form bacteria cells, without cell wall. They may avoid immune systems and antibiotics that target cell wall synthesis. I think it will be interesting to study the phylogeny analysis on their membrane or cell wall proteins, to explain the L-form in the context of evolution.

@~@ Read “Should scientists study race and IQ?”. Steven Rose said, “when Darwin published The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex, he regarded it as so self-evident that white Anglo-Saxon upper-class males were the most intelligent as not to need evidence”. I learned that the IQ test was originally developed in France as a way of supplementing teachers’ assessments of their pupils. I agree with Steven Rose, there are much more others than IQ: “social intelligence, emotional intelligence, the intelligent hands of the craftsman or the intelligent intuition of the scientist.”

“From the moment of birth, boys and girls are treated differently, which shapes both their growing bodies and brains and how they are expected to behave. It is not just that the biological is expressed through the social and cultural, but that the social and cultural in turn shape the biological.”

Then I recalled, almost a year ago, I attended a talk by Steven Rose. In many ways we are our memories, which is why losing memory through disease or damage is so disastrous. But how are memories made – and how might we improve them? What are the molecular and cellular brain processes involved in making and recalling our memories?

# Doing some experiments on t* work, where are you my mentor? Why haven’t you replied me for more than two weeks?

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February 16, 2009 at 11:00 pm

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