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American Airlines ~ American Dreams

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Es divertido. Comprobé el precio del vuelo de American Airlines en noviembre y hoy. El precio es hoy más barato que el precio en noviembre. Espero volar de Londres Heathrow a California este junio a principios de.

I have to buy the return tickets, the latest, this March and pray that $ will come!

I am studying Spanish, for the upcoming exams @~@ & browsing the internet once-in-a-while. Then, my sister called me via msn. So many self-imposed-distractions.

I realized many of my male friends are photographers, using SLR and those fanciful lens. They love to refer to their equipment as their wife. J.W. (a self-declared Just Enough Nonsense) is funny, he posted the status tracking – under repair – on to his blog and said that it’s the visa for his wife to go back to mother’s house. Why not many female photographers? I guess girls love to be photographed, instead of behind the camera.

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February 15, 2009 at 12:20 pm

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