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Happy Valentine 2009: Happy memories

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These are from my happy book (Credit Suisse First Boston notebook):

July 2007: We went to Dear’s sister house, danced together along with jazz, sat at rocking chair to gaze at blue sky, white puffy clouds, and greeneries.

July 2007: Mum cooked us tasty claypot rice, we watched nice animation entitled Howl’s moving castle, I watched Nuovo Cinema Paradiso at my undergrad university.

July 2007: My 1st tandem-bike ride with Dear. My sister’s girlfriend said I look like Vivian Chow.

July 2007: My brother still remembers some toys I gave him last time, from my poor highly-disciplined high-school days.

July 2007: Papa brought me to the 5th floor – a realization of his dream. We saw beautiful blue sky with white thin soft long cloud, with sunset background, a rare thing in my J hometown.

April 2008: Dear sent me flowers: white roses, pink chrysanthemuns, so lovely.

These are from citi notebook:

March 2008: Penguin makes people happy. Yes, we love the Happy Feet!

❤ ❤ ❤ our 3rd Valentine together! Dear sent me a dozen of red maroon roses, they are so beautiful, as lovely as Dear~!

@~@ God is with us

No storms can shake my inmost calm. I sketched the Marina skyscrapers landmarks from the Esplanade library.

O God, help me all day every day to look on the bright side of things, and to see the best in people.

@~@ On my artistic pursuit:

2007: When we are taking photographs, we should think that they are our love letter to our beloved ones, and our respects to beautiful sceneries created by God and to people whom we photograph.

@~@ Uncle Dale’s advice:

If you want to stop worrying & start living, remember … COUNT OUR BLESSINGS – not our troubles!

@~@ Subconscious talks (April 2008):

There are hug sources of happiness inside us, e.g. giving.

We are travellers. Every scene is so amazing when we travel.

Be observer (don’t get flattered by cheap praises, don’t be sad by criticisms)

To learn to see the big picture in spatio-temporal context.

Written by blueroselady

February 14, 2009 at 2:14 pm

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