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Todo es estar con la tolerancia de Dios

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Today is a busy day.

9am: do voluntary work for my university at a Classic / Greek statues gallery. I came 5 min earlier after rushing cycling out of afraid of being late, being told to go away, not 9am yet. Hard to take good photos, many disturbing backdrops (e.g. pillars, ugly ceilings).
10am: buy vitamin C at Boots, very expensive but it’s for health.

11am: give presentation to my group.

12noon: Spanish lesson, confusing and rapid (rapido). Fortunately found my oral partners (we have to make conversations for our oral test in the next 2 weeks)

3pm: met supervisor for 1 hr 15 min. Must do more additional work and use techniques that I find hard to use. Gambatte! Sup forgot my plan to return home next month, I told him since few months ago in the last year.

5pm: It is snowing heavily now. Thank God for His mercy, I live very close to workplace.

These days, my eyes can’t stare at the computer monitor for too long, so I sit at the library and look at the far end books occasionally, to rest my eyes.

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Written by blueroselady

February 12, 2009 at 5:44 pm

Posted in photogprahy, study

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