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This evening, R.Y., M.P., and I had a dinner at Bella Italia. I ordered a prawn linguine that said a small donation will be made if guests order that menu. Then, we had a dessert of many kinds of chocolates, from hot cake to ice cream, in a big wine glass, shared among three of us. Next, we watch the movie Valkyrie.

Apart from the handsome actor Tom Cruise, who possesses a blue and brown eyes, and the extremely lovely Suri, the Valkyrie is a masculine movie. The main lead, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg was portrayed as a man who beliefs in values of freedom and justice. Too bad the plot was not successful. Then, I learnt about Berlin’s historic Bendlerblock. General Friedrich Olbricht was writing a letter to his family in the last moment of his life, this scene somehow a sympathetic nature of him. But again, I learnt that for most people, we are not entirely bad or good. Most people will have conscience that prevent us from purposely hurting us, yet we are also motivated by our selfish drives. It’s just like the leader in the communication centre, he was asked to choose, his subordinate told him that they could no longer remain neutral. Wars have brought no good, how many lives are gone, how many families are broken, how many talents are wasted. May peace prevail on earth forever!


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January 30, 2009 at 12:51 am

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